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Offering Staffing Solutions from Expats

Teleworking Expats For Hire  offers staffing solutions as the innovator of the concept ‘expat-shoring’- meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of  near shore outsourcing (geography, lower wages, similar time zones) while also working with your own highly qualified compatriots living abroad as virtual administrative assistants. The benefits of expat-shoring for virtual staffing are available to any country that has expats living abroad in countries with a similar time zone, yet lower cost of living. For example businesses based in the U.S. and Canada can take advantage of the many skilled, teleworking North American expats living in Mexico, South America and Central America to provide staffing solutions. Similarly companies in the UK can employ British expats living throughout Africa, and expats living in South-East Asia can serve Australian companies.

Once our team of recruitment specialists match the right administrative support  to your company, we assist you to connect across the globe using our tailor-made software and telecommunication programs.  We will work with your existing infrastructure to ensure that you have a strong connection to your new staff member, while offering options to streamline your organization. From day one, you will notice that our virtual staffing solutions  will aid in decreasing your office expenses, and increase overall efficiency.

Virtual Administrative Assistants offer Benefits

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Enjoy Company Savings With a Virtual Administrative Assistant

By employing a virtual administrative assistant living in countries like Mexico, Thailand or Africa, where the cost of living is much lower, businesses in North America, Australia or the UK can reduce their staff expenses by more than 50%. In addition to  savings on staff wages, employing virtual administrative support reduces the expenses of office space, computer equipment and stationery. Combine that with local time zones, language, customs and strong work ethic you have become accustomed to with traditional office staff - our teleworking expats are the perfect staffing solution for your company, at a large savings. Would you like to expand your business without the extra expense? We at  teleworking expats are the solution! We are here today as one of the best staffing companies around for online administrative support, ready to  take your call and discuss what we can do for you and your organization’s needs.

About our Staffing Services

Expat Staffing Services

Staffing Services with Expats is What We Do Best

Our unique industry leading IT infrastructure enables us to provide staffing services be leaps ahead of other staffing firms making us one of the best virtual assistant companies you can find. We have partnered with several open source programs which we have customized to deliver the highest standard of online communication. By utilizing a virtual administrative assistant, your organization reduces in house costs by a minimum of 50%. Extra expenses such as additional office space, computers, printers& stationary are reduced or eliminated.

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