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Are you looking for a Canadian Virtual Assistant  (VA)?

We have great Virtual Assistants starting at $1000.00 per month for 4 hours per day of work (half time).

Our virtual assistants have very diverse backgrounds in a range of different industries and years of professional experience.


Why are our Virtual Assistants so economical? Its simple. We hire Canadians living in Mexico where the cost of living is less. We then pass those savings onto you and your organisation. Most companies save a minimum of 50% by utilizing one of our Canadian Virtual Administrators.


How does it Work?
Contact us via telephone or email and let us know the type of person you are seeking to assist you. We then screen, pre-qualify and interview a variety of applicants from our database and present you with the best candidates for your position to interview.


We are a full Service Virtual Assistant organization that helps business owners connect with highly talented individuals in low cost countries such as Mexico.


Join our list of satisfied clients who are embracing Virtual Assistants Р Call us right now at 1-800-847-4757 to get started or email us at